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MOU with

Many Localizing Agency

Agreement with Many contents distribution Localizing Agency

CMDubHub signed an many agreement about direct distribution and MOU with Many Localizing Agency.

(India, America, China, Mongolia, Argentina, Spain, France, Thailand, Russia, Germany, Poland etc.) 

Localization Creating

Who We Are

Our Multi-Language productions meet the highest standards of native fluency, quality, and accuracy, setting us apart from traditional casting agencies and self-serve voice-over websites.

CMDubHub is a full-service specializing in voice-over, dubbing, M/E Sound Production, subtitles & multimedia localization.

For this work, we can do translation work, M&E Sound mixing and dubbing, finally subtitle and mastering work.

Based on film Sound mixing and Subtitle skill, CMDubHub covers all field.

Also, we'll try our best to reproduce high quality contents without awkwardness of dubbing sound.





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There are a lot of diverse expert translators.



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